HTC repair
htc repair

HTC designs and manufactures a variety of popular mobile devices on the market. They regularly produce smartphones and tablets powered by the Android and Windows Phone operating systems.

Many of their smartphones and the Nexus tablet are characterized by a front-facing camera. If you’re experiencing issues with this camera or any other features of the device, Cellular Repair & Exchange has experience fixing models just like yours. Bring your broken device in and ask us about our HTC repair service options.

Broken power button, charger port, or cracked screen? Call us, ship us your device, or drop it off at one of our locations in Tulsa, OK or North Little Rock, AR. We can repair a variety of issues with your HTC device and have it back to you within 24 hours. If you ship it into us, we’ll ship it back.

HTC Vive & Other Device Repairs

HTC is now venturing into the new and exciting world of virtual reality. With their release of the virtual reality headset, known as the HTC Vive, in the spring of 2016, HTC has become one of the pioneers in the development of “room scale” 3D technology.

Of course, with any novel device, their are often a variety of issues reported. Some of the errors, known as “(ERROR 301) Connect Failed,” “(ERROR 207) Driver Calibration Invalid” or “(ERROR 200) Driver Failed,” have been reported by early adopters. If you’re experiencing any issues with your HTC Vive, let our device repair team take a look.

HTC has also released some wearable fitness devices and a stand-alone camera that fits in your hand and allows you to live stream moments with a press of a button. Whether you’re having trouble with your HTC phone, tablet or any of these other products, our team can provide the assistance you need.