Prepaid Wireless vs Postpaid Wireless: Which is Best for You?

The distinction between postpaid and prepaid service has become less and less clear. This is particularly true as carriers have gotten rid of old phone service features such as mandatory contracts, subsidized phones and extra charges for going over the monthly data limit (for people that still have one, now that carriers are promoting unlimited […]

I Broke My Smartphone: Can it be Repaired?

So, you broke your smartphone again? Was it a cracked screen? Battery Damage? Water Damage? Whatever it is, we have you covered and we have seen it all so we don’t judge if this IS the third time you dropped your phone in the toilet. No worries, we are here to help! Below are the […]

Get a Smart Phone Already

“Roughly 58% of searches are done on a mobile device,” according to Search Engine Land. What does this mean? It means most people are using their smart phones to get information they once only used their desktop for. Maybe you know you need a smart phone to make your life easier, but what exactly does […]

10 Years Later: How Have Smartphones Changed since the iPhone?

It may be hard to believe, but it’s been nearly 10 years since the first iPhone was released. While it wasn’t necessarily the first “smartphone”, it was the first commercial smartphone to use touch as the primary way of input. We know now that the first iPhone created a shift in the phone industry that […]

Four New Features Coming to iOS 10

At their most recent keynote address, Apple unveiled their latest operating system, iOS 10. If you’re a developer, it’s available to you today. For the rest, a public beta will be released in July and the official release date will come in the fall of 2016. Let’s dig right into the features and what’s new […]

Should You Purchase Samsung’s Warranty with Your Device?

You have wanted a new phone for a while, you’ve done the research, talked to a sales person and are ready to checkout. One of the final questions before you make the purchase is often, would you like to purchase the manufacturer’s warranty? If you’re buying a Samsung device, their warranty is called Samsung Protection […]

Do Androids fail more than iPhones?

According to a report from Blancco Technology Group – a mobile device diagnostics firm, the failure rate for Android devices was 44 percent, compared to 25 percent for iOS devices. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 had the highest rates of failure among Androids, while the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s models failed […]

Android and iOS Share of Smartphone Market Continues to Increase

Smartphones and Politics have one thing in common in the United States – there are only two major players that dominate the market! Like Republicans and Democrats, Android and iOS are the two main options for most people. The Windows Phone may be comparable to Libertarians and Green Party supporters and the BlackBerry represents a […]

Apple Unveils Smaller Devices at Event

We are used to seeing Apple make some pretty major announcements at their keynote speeches. However, some people were calling yesterday’s Apple keynote boring and according to CNBC, stock Shares in the company actually fell during the event. What had everyone so unimpressed? The iPhone SE Apple launched their most affordable phone yet, starting at […]

Most Common Tablet Problems and Solutions

Is your tablet not working properly? Don’t stress about it, you’re not alone! You can always bring it into our offices in Tulsa or Little Rock for a same-day fix and turnaround. However, maybe it’s a simple issue that you can fix on your own. Here are a few common problems and easy solutions: “My […]