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8 iPhone Repairs We Can Do

Ever since iPhones first launched, they’ve been wildly successful by any measure. Sales have grown from $1.4 million in 2007 to nearly $218 million in 2018. The iPhone has always been, as they say, a hot commodity. It’s more than that, though. Our lives are tethered to these devices at this point. They are a […]

Phone Repair & Battery Life Myths

There are some phone and battery life myths we want to clear up for you. Some of what we will address might actually keep you from having to come to us at all, or at least delay how soon you see us for a phone repair. Myth #1 – You shouldn’t charge your phone until […]

Smartphone Lifespans & How to Extend Them

Cellular Repair & Exchange sells new, refurbished, and used replacement phones that are without a plan but supported by most phone carriers (whether that’s AT&T or Metro PCS). When picking a replacement phone, take into account the lifespan of the particular brand and model that you want, as well as whether or not the phone […]

Getting the Right Charger (Without the High Cost)

We understand that sometimes the charger that is made to go with your mobile device model is quite pricy, and you’d rather purchase a significantly less expensive one online and use that instead. However, when you use cheap chargers with your mobile device, your device might not charge as quickly, and you could even ruin […]

How to Fix a Cracked Phone Screen

Cracked phone screens are more common than anyone would like to admit, and they typically render the phone useless and require professional repair or a replacement. If you’re dealing with a cracked phone screen for the first time, here’s what you need to know. For starters, not all cracked phone screens are the same. There […]

How to Fix or Prevent the Most Common iPhone Issues

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone there is. But just like all other smartphones and technology in general, it has its own problems. Thankfully, there are easy ways to either prevent or fix the most common iPhone problems, and they don’t all require taking your iPhone to a store to be fixed. iPhone Fixes […]