Four New Features Coming to iOS 10

iOS 10

At their most recent keynote address, Apple unveiled their latest operating system, iOS 10. If you’re a developer, it’s available to you today. For the rest, a public beta will be released in July and the official release date will come in the fall of 2016. Let’s dig right into the features and what’s new with iOS 10!

Raise to Wake

As the name suggests, with iOS 10 you’ll simply be able to lift your phone up to get an overview of your notifications and updates. With 3D Touch, you’ll be able to interact and respond immediately from the lock-screen. As many experts have noted, this is similar to what Google has been working on within Android devices. Raise to Wake isn’t the only iOS 10 feature that seeks to compete with Google.

Siri Improvements

Personal assistants, like Siri, seem to improve every year, but when will the next major leap in this technology come? Apple wants you to its coming with iOS 10. One of the major changes will be the ability for third-party apps to work with Siri. For example, you will be able to ask Siri to get you a ride through Lyft. Based on the same deep learning system that Google uses, Siri will use more contextual awareness in order to give you intelligent suggestions. You’ll also be able to talk to Siri in a more normal, natural way.


The most frequently used app within iOS is Messages and it seems as though Apple realizes that because the app is receiving a major overhaul. Apple wants to change the way you text by allowing you to use your own handwriting within texts, change the size of message bubbles to indicate tone and use a variety of new stickers, animations and draw-over capabilities for multimedia messaging. In a way, texting is becoming more like Snapchat. Invisible Ink will allow users to send photos that remain hidden or blurry until they swipe to reveal it to the receiver. In their keynote, Apple used a picture of an engagement ring as an example.

Apple Maps

In a new survey, nearly 70 percent of iPhone users said they preferred Google Maps over Apple Maps. This is a preference that Apple clearly wants to change so they completely re-designed their Maps in iOS 10. Following the trend of intelligent assistance, more predictive features will be available such as restaurant suggestions and alternative routes. Maps will also be opened up to developers which will allow users to book restaurants, pay for rides and more all without leaving the Maps app.

iOS 10 will be compatible on all Apple devices except for the iPhone 4s, iPad 2 and the iPod touch 5th generation. There are many more features coming to iOS 10 than the few listed above. You can learn more from Apple here. A quick tip on when to download a new operating system: if you don’t care about experiencing it first, wait until after the fall 2016 release so Apple can work out all the bugs.

Should You Purchase Samsung’s Warranty with Your Device?

You have wanted a new phone for a while, you’ve done the research, talked to a sales person and are ready to checkout. One of the final questions before you make the purchase is often, would you like to purchase the manufacturer’s warranty?Samsung Warranty

If you’re buying a Samsung device, their warranty is called Samsung Protection Plus. Starting at just $99.00 for a 2-year plan, this warranty covers mechanical damage and even accidental damage, such as a cracked screen resulting from a drop.

Not a bad deal right? Actually, compared to other manufacturers’ protection plans, this isn’t a bad one. However, keep in mind that there is always fine print with these deals. See for yourself right here. For example, although Samsung claims to provide two replacement phones for accidental damage within a 12 month period, they aren’t giving these away for free. There will often be a deductible associated with these replacement options.

Considering the fragility of modern smartphones, warranties are not always a bad option! Just remember, there are other options as well. Cellular Repair & Exchange is one of those options. We provide ultra-competitive pricing on device repairs, prepaid services and replacement phones. Call us for a quote today!

Do Androids fail more than iPhones?

According to a report from Blancco Technology Group – a mobile device diagnostics firm, the failure rate for Android devices was 44 percent, compared to 25 percent for iOS devices. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 had the highest rates of failure among Androids, while the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s models failed the most out of all the iOS devices that failed in this specific test.Androids

Are these fail rates surprising to you considering how much Android and iOS devices dominate the market? Some might say that the high rate of failure occurs because of the lack of competition in the market. Whatever the reason – the bottom line is that as great as modern smartphones and tablets are, they aren’t the most durable technology and they certainly aren’t cheap to replace or fix.

At Cellular Repair & Exchange we don’t want your device to break or fail. But considering the fail rate of the two biggest smartphone platforms in the world, we realize the importance of providing affordable and efficient solutions. If you’re having device trouble, call us for a quote, stop in to one of our stores, or ship us your device for repair.

Android and iOS Share of Smartphone Market Continues to Increase

Smartphones and Politics have one thing in common in the United States – there are only two major players that dominate the market! Like Republicans and Democrats, Android and iOS are the two main options for most people. The Windows Phone may be comparable to Libertarians and Green Party supporters and the BlackBerry represents a political trend of the past. One that continues to die out quickly.

According to eMarketer, Android has a 52.0% share of the market in 2016 and iOS holds a 43.5% share. Windows, BlackBerry and Other possess 2.6%, 0.8% and 1.1% respectively. See the chart below for the full statistics from 2014-16.

smartphone market

Although Android Operating Systems still lead the way, iOS has gained a full percentage point of the market share in the last 2 years. We’ll see if this trend continues throughout the year after Apple recently unveiled smaller devices that they hope will snatch up Android users.

Where will the market go from here? It probably won’t change much in the next couple of years. It would take drastic change for Windows and BlackBerry to start seeing an upward trend in market share. You can count on Apple and iOS continuing to release updates that improve their Operating Systems in an attempt to dominate the market even more. At this point, it might be more realistic to see a third political party make a run sometime soon than a third smartphone OS.

Apple Unveils Smaller Devices at Event

Apple Event

We are used to seeing Apple make some pretty major announcements at their keynote speeches. However, some people were calling yesterday’s Apple keynote boring and according to CNBC, stock Shares in the company actually fell during the event. What had everyone so unimpressed?

The iPhone SE

Apple launched their most affordable phone yet, starting at just $399. The 4-inch screen makes it look like an older model or a mid-range Android device, but the SE comes equipped with the latest operating system and all the capabilities and power of the iPhone 6s.

The Smaller iPad Pro

With the same name as the 12.9-inch model, Apple released an iPad Pro that is only 9.7 inches. This is the same size as the original iPad, but it weighs less, features better specs than the 12.9-inch iPad and has an adaptive new four-speaker system. It starts at $599 for 32GB of storage, with the most powerful models capable of holding up to 256GB.

iOS 9.3

The newest operating system has everyone discussing Night Shift. This feature removes the blue light emitted from the screen that can apparently strain your eyes in the dark and cause sleeping problems. We’ve heard over and over that looking at your phone right before you fall asleep isn’t the best way to get the most restful z’s. Now, Apple has a solution for that. They also announced new 3D Touch shortcuts, new health apps and new abilities in Live Photos.

While Apple didn’t make the biggest splash in their March, 2016 keynote, they still released some fairly significant new devices and features. Perhaps in going back to a smaller iPhone and iPad, Apple is trying to reach users it missed out on the first time around. Will it help their stock prices, which fell 15 percent over the last year? Time will tell.

Most Common Tablet Problems and Solutions

Tablet Problems

Is your tablet not working properly? Don’t stress about it, you’re not alone! You can always bring it into our offices in Tulsa or Little Rock for a same-day fix and turnaround. However, maybe it’s a simple issue that you can fix on your own. Here are a few common problems and easy solutions:

“My tablet keeps locking up”

This happens sometimes and you can fix the problem by holding down the power/lock key for 8-15 seconds. After that, your tablet should reset by turning itself on or off.

“My battery won’t charge”

Start with the obvious – is the socket providing power? Is your charger damaged? Is your tablet able to charge with a standard USB cable or does it need a specific one? Try using different chargers, if it still doesn’t work, bring it into us.

“My touchscreen isn’t responding properly”

If your tablet doesn’t have a lot of memory space, its touchscreen may be slower to respond. Try closing out all of your apps and deleting items you no longer use.

At Cellular Repair & Exchange, we fix anything from Samsung tablets to Toshiba tablets to iPads. If you’re experiencing any issues and cannot find the right solution – call us, ship or drop-off your device, or stop into one of our stores.

The Number of Smartphone Users Increasing Significantly

smartphone users

According to a survey by Chinese language Internet search provider, Baidu Inc., there will be 6.1 billion smartphone users worldwide by 2020.

That’s billion, with a B! According to the 2012 United States Census Bureau, world population is over 7 billion. It’s amazing to think that roughly 85% of the world could possess a smartphone within the next 5 years.

While people in emerging and secondary markets have had cell phones for years, smartphones are a different animal. The ability for the majority of the world’s population to connect via social media, take pictures or video, access their email, skype, and find information with ease is becoming a reality.

How will this change the world? What apps and technology developments will we see to cater to this smartphone-hungry world population? Only time will tell, but two things are certain: First, the world is changing rapidly. Second, it looks like we’ll be in business for a while at Cellular Repair & Exchange! If your smartphone needs repaired for any reason, give us a call.

New LG Smartphones Have Great Cameras, Low Price

lg smartphones

LG Electronics (LG) has announced the release of the X Cam and X Screen, their first two models in their X Series, which are aimed to debut on February 22.

According to a press release, these phones, “are designed for customers who do not want or need all the bells and whistles that come with today’s high-end phones but still desire a great camera or advanced display.”

The X Cam features a 5.2-inch display with two rear 13MP and 5MP cameras along with an 8MP front camera. The X Screen will have a 4.93-inch display with a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. Both smartphones will feature Android’s 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.

The president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company Juno Cho is seeking to offer more choices to consumers at competitive prices. How will they do this? “At LG, we think there’s room for devices that do one thing very well and that customers shouldn’t have to pay for features that they don’t want,” according to Cho.

The X Series is expected to arrive in Asia, Europe and Latin America within the next few weeks. Although there are no plans yet to offer these smartphones in the U.S., expect LG’s strategy of focusing on one or two key features to become mainstream if consumers like these phones.

Smartphone Repair Misconceptions

smartphone repair misconceptions

One of the most common reasons why people buy a new cellphone is because it has become damaged and/or has lost some functionality. People need access to their apps, and if a button doesn’t work or something is not sliding correctly, the phone becomes nothing more than…a phone. Gross. It’s 2016.

Here’s a quick list of popular smartphone problems that can be fixed easily and affordably:

Broken Screen—the misconception lies in the fact that users either think the screen will cost too much to replace, or they believe a broken screen means you have to get a new phone, regardless. Cellular Repair & Exchange can repair your broken screen so you don’t have to purchase a completely new phone.

Touch problems—smartphones need to be able to sense your finger in order to function. The operating system can become corrupted and the sensitivity can change. Sometimes it’s an easy fix to get you swiping and sliding how you used to be.

Speaker Issues—a lot of what we do with cell phones has become hands-free. It therefore becomes imperative that the speakers work. If you are having speaker issues, Cellular Repair & Exchange can provide the quick and affordable fix you need.

Repair Your Cell Phone with Ease

Repair Your Cell Phone

It’s no secret that cell phones, especially smartphones, are expensive. The only way a lot of consumers could afford them was to sign up for a two-year deal with a mobile carrier. With the contract, the carrier would offer the smartphone for free or at an extremely discounted rate.

When customers sign up for that type of plan, they are hoping that their phone makes it through the whole two years. Unfortunately, that plan doesn’t always work out.

There are hundreds of different ways a phone can be damaged—from drops and screen cracks to moisture and impact. The good news is that you don’t have to be out $600 bucks for a new phone. The key is to find a reputable, affordable cellar repair technician.

Cellular Repair & Exchange is just the solution for your broken cellphones and damaged smartphones.

And it’s not just phones that can be serviced. Cellar Repair has your iPad and tablet repair needs covered as well. There’s no need to break the bank on a new phone when the one you have can be fixed quickly and at less of a cost.

Get started at or by calling (918) 551-6550 in Tulsa or (501) 771-5566 in North Little Rock.