Apple Unveils Smaller Devices at Event

Apple Event

We are used to seeing Apple make some pretty major announcements at their keynote speeches. However, some people were calling yesterday’s Apple keynote boring and according to CNBC, stock Shares in the company actually fell during the event. What had everyone so unimpressed?

The iPhone SE

Apple launched their most affordable phone yet, starting at just $399. The 4-inch screen makes it look like an older model or a mid-range Android device, but the SE comes equipped with the latest operating system and all the capabilities and power of the iPhone 6s.

The Smaller iPad Pro

With the same name as the 12.9-inch model, Apple released an iPad Pro that is only 9.7 inches. This is the same size as the original iPad, but it weighs less, features better specs than the 12.9-inch iPad and has an adaptive new four-speaker system. It starts at $599 for 32GB of storage, with the most powerful models capable of holding up to 256GB.

iOS 9.3

The newest operating system has everyone discussing Night Shift. This feature removes the blue light emitted from the screen that can apparently strain your eyes in the dark and cause sleeping problems. We’ve heard over and over that looking at your phone right before you fall asleep isn’t the best way to get the most restful z’s. Now, Apple has a solution for that. They also announced new 3D Touch shortcuts, new health apps and new abilities in Live Photos.

While Apple didn’t make the biggest splash in their March, 2016 keynote, they still released some fairly significant new devices and features. Perhaps in going back to a smaller iPhone and iPad, Apple is trying to reach users it missed out on the first time around. Will it help their stock prices, which fell 15 percent over the last year? Time will tell.

Most Common Tablet Problems and Solutions

Tablet Problems

Is your tablet not working properly? Don’t stress about it, you’re not alone! You can always bring it into our offices in Tulsa or Little Rock for a same-day fix and turnaround. However, maybe it’s a simple issue that you can fix on your own. Here are a few common problems and easy solutions:

“My tablet keeps locking up”

This happens sometimes and you can fix the problem by holding down the power/lock key for 8-15 seconds. After that, your tablet should reset by turning itself on or off.

“My battery won’t charge”

Start with the obvious – is the socket providing power? Is your charger damaged? Is your tablet able to charge with a standard USB cable or does it need a specific one? Try using different chargers, if it still doesn’t work, bring it into us.

“My touchscreen isn’t responding properly”

If your tablet doesn’t have a lot of memory space, its touchscreen may be slower to respond. Try closing out all of your apps and deleting items you no longer use.

At Cellular Repair & Exchange, we fix anything from Samsung tablets to Toshiba tablets to iPads. If you’re experiencing any issues and cannot find the right solution – call us, ship or drop-off your device, or stop into one of our stores.